Chesterfield, Missouri

What's Inside

Specific Projects
You will find examples of the additional information required when you complete a home improvement application below. The examples provided cover information for fences, concrete work, pavers, bricks & stonework, decks, sunrooms and patio & deck enclosures that include a roof, deck and patio covers, and pools.


  • Indicate length of each side of your fence, setback from lot lines, and intersection points with existing structures. If your fence will abut or join a neighbor’s fence, indicate this by showing their fence on your plat plan and making a written explanation of how you intend to implement the join. Be a good neighbor and discuss your fencing plans with those around you. Remember, per Indenture, fences are not allowed to enclose any portion of the front yard.
  • Show size and position of gates.
  • Indicate type of material, finish, support structure and completed height.

4x4 cedar posts set in 24 inches of concrete, 6 feet on center.
2x4 horizontal support rails at 1-1/2, 3-1/2, and 5-1/2 feet above grade on the interior side of fence.
1x4 dog-eared cedar pickets, 4-1/2 inches on center.
Completed fence 4inches above grade and 6feet maximum height including post cap.
Structure to be assembled using coated deck screws, pickets affixed with ___________.
Gate will be self-closing with provision for lock.
Drawing or picture of a completed section of fence.
All materials to be sealed with clear sealant.

Concrete Work

Not only new concrete, but also concrete replacement, requires approval if there is any change made to the new pour.

  • Please draw a cross-section of your intended base and pour or a verbal description provided by your contractor. This should include the type of concrete and surface finish.
  • In addition to the footprint of the project on your survey, please provide a more detailed drawing that is approximately to scale.


Figure 1. Concrete 'Cross Section'

Pavers, Brick and Stonework
The new pavers and stones that are available present great opportunities for homeowners to create patios, planters walls and the like. They are wonderful when installed properly; terrible eyesores when they sag, lean, or fall. When applying for this type of improvement, please include the following:

  • Approximate scale drawing with dimensions.
  • Front and side elevation if work will be seen above grade.
  • Description of base.
  • Description of materials to be used, method of stabilization where appropriate.
  • Drainage for walls, planters, etc. when needed.
  • Indication of grade where project will be installed.
  • Request for permission and indemnification for damage if you plan to utilize common ground to access your yard.


Figure 2. Example of the 'Indication of Grade'


  • Framing plan with dimensions.
  • Front and side elevations of the finished deck with dimensions. Many contracting companies use computer programs that can easily generate the front and side elevations of a deck and there are home design programs that do so as well. A ruler, pen and about two hours will also accomplish these renderings. If you are truly ready to go forward, it is a simple process.
  • Indicate type of material and finish. This includes framing members as well as the deck floor, railing, post caps, balusters etc.
  • Plans for underdeck area such as concrete pad, pavers, rock, etc. and provisions for water runoff.
  • Request for permission and indemnification for damage if you plan to utilize common ground to access your yard.


Framing and Floor
Footings 10” sono tube belled to 12 “, 30” depth
6x6 cedar posts
(2)2”x10” beams – ACQ treated
2”x8”house band – ACQ treated
2”x8” joists @12” on center – ACQ treated
block joists @ mid-span for spans of 10’0” or greater
5/4” cedar decking herringbone pattern, screw fasten

Figure 3. Framing Plan

2”x4”top rail
2”x4” bottom rail
2”x6” rail cap
30” black aluminum balusters, 6” o.c.
Toe spacing 3-1/2”
Rail height, 30”

Figure 4. Railing Example

Stairs will have 7-3/4” riser height and 10” tread width, closed back.
Stairs will descend away from the house on the right side of deck down 6’ to a 5’x5’ landing then make a 90 degree turn to the left to descend to the ground level.
Landing at ground level will be a 5’x5’ concrete pad.

Figure 5. Stair Plan

Figure 6. Top View of Deck, Under Deck Finish

Sunrooms, Patio and Deck Enclosures That Include a Roof
A sunroom or patio/deck enclosure is a major addition to a home. It has great impact not only on the look of the individual home but the surrounding area as well. Sufficient information speeds approval here.

  • Front and side elevation of addition (see Decks). Show the dimensions.
  • Framing and tie-in plan (include all dimensions and specifications).
  • Roof details, including type, pitch, roofing material, gutter, and water drainage.
  • Interior and exterior finish material.
  • Screening type (removable or static and type of material), windows (if they will be used), heating, flooring, access to existing home, access to yard or deck. Not all of these are applicable in all cases.
  • Finish of skirt under the room if above grade. Plan for area under room if home is a walkout.
  • Request for permission and indemnification for damage if you plan to utilize common ground to access your yard.

Examples: See Decks

Deck and Patio Covers

  • Show front and side elevation with completed dimensions.
  • Framing plan for support of covers such as lattice, canvas, wood slats etc., include dimensions.
  • Specification for material to be used and the attachment methods.
  • If a solid roof is to be used, indicate framing and materials, type, pitch, tie-in, and supporting structure. Again, items above are probably available from your contractor. If not, you can draw the diagrams in an hour or less and the materials and specifications had to be submitted for permit application.

Pools are a large project that is subject to a number of municipal restrictions. With that in mind,

  • Front and side elevations of the pool as it will appear in your yard.
  • Fencing that you will provide.
  • Provisions for pool drainage when necessary.
  • Request for permission and indemnification for damage if you plan to utilize common ground to access your yard.