Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
April 24, 2014

Call to Order – Board President, Scott Eiler called the meeting to order at 7:29 pm. Trustee Kevin Pfarr were in attendance. Also present were homeowner Michael Olszewski. The board was unable to approve prior meetings minutes due to not having a quorum.

President's Report - Scott handed out the financials to the homeowner in attendance.

Treasurer's Report - Current financials attached to the minutes. The budget is on track and trending as prior years.

Secretary's Report – Nothing to report.

Common Ground

H/PIA – Nothing to report.

Home Appearance Issues

Executive Session – Meet for a legal issue.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Next meeting is scheduled for June 26, 2014.

Download the minutes in PDF format.