Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
October 29, 2013

Call to Order: Board President, Scott Eiler called meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Trustees Adam Hale, Kevin Prunty, Kevin Pfarr and Kelley Woodhead were present. Also present, were nine additional homeowners. A copy of the meeting agenda is attached. There were no items added and Adam motioned that the minutes of the September 17, 2013 meeting be approved. Kevin Prunty seconded and they were approved.

Annual Update:

Annual Election: Scott outlined the procedure for the election. There was only one person (Adam Hale) who submitted their name for the Ballot, but two open positions. As such the trustees will appoint a person for the second position at a future date as outlined in the indentures. The ballots were collected and Austin Peppin helped count votes representing the homeowners, Adam Hale were elected to another 3 year term.

Homeowner forum: Homeowners asked about and we discussed issues including:

Next Meeting: The next meeting is the scheduled for April 24, 2014, at Kehrs Mill Elementary.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Download the minutes in PDF format.