Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
September 17, 2013

Call to Order: Board President, Scott Eiler called meeting to order at 7:28 p.m. Trustees Adam Hale, Kevin Prunty, Kevin Pfarr and Kelley Woodhead were present. Also present, were homeowners Austin Peppin, Jerry Baltz and Michael Olszewski. A copy of the meeting agenda is attached. There were no items added and Scott motioned that the minutes of the June 27th meeting be approved. Adam seconded and they were approved.

Presidents Report:

Treasurer’s Report: (Current financials attached to the minutes.) Scott and Kevin presented the current 2013 income statement as well as the 2014 draft budget. Homeowner Jerry Baltz had several questions, which were addressed, by Kevin and Scott, relating to the 2013 cash balance statement and “end of year surplus.” Scott motioned to approve next years budget. Kevin seconded the motion, and it was approved.

Secretary’s Report: Adam Hale submitted his intent to run again for a seat on the board of trustees at the annual meetings. He is the first to submit. Two new home improvement applications were received.

Kelley presented final sign options for walls on Baxter Road. The board and homeowners in attendance unanimously voted for design #3. The Clarkson Estates signs will also be updated using the same design #3 script.

Common Ground: Adam intended to address the fall plantings in common areas, but due to other lengthy discussions, we did not get to this topic.

Homeowner Michael Olszewski wanted to address the fact that chemicals were being used to kill grass at boarders instead of a trimming. He also mentioned the sprinkler system at Baxter might not be working properly, and asked about additional lighting at Baxter Road.

Home appearance issues: The board voted to adopt the city of Chesterfield policy on the parking of commercial vehicles. The latest news letter includes pictures addressing acceptable trash bin storage, tree trimming and grass clipping disposal.

Yard of the month: Nothing to report.

Homeowner forum: Homeowners requested that “draft minutes” be put on the website shortly after each meeting. The board agreed to this request.

Next Meeting: The next meeting is the Annual Meeting scheduled for October 29th, 2013, at Kehrs Mill Elementary.

Meeting adjourned at 8:48 pm.

Download the minutes in PDF format.