Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
September 13 2012

  1. Call to Order: Board President Scott Eiler called the meeting to order at 7:30pm. Also present were Trustees Adam Hale, Kevin Prunty and Austin Peppin. Trustee Kevin Pfarr was away on business. Homeowner Gary Shannon was present. A copy of the meeting agenda is attached; there were no additional items added. Austin motioned that the minutes of the July 26th meeting be approved as read; Adam seconded and the vote was unanimous.

  2. President’s Report: Scott commented that Baxter Rd had been opened up, sidewalks completed and sodding progressing, making the four quadrants we will landscape at the Baxter/Country Ridge intersection more apparent. He had received a plan from Paul Sneed indicating the conduit (for electric and water service) locations. He reported that we still awarded 30-40 trees and shrubs for re-landscaping purposes as part of the project. He also reported that the county had changed landscaping firms and that we can expect a letter informing us of this change. Scott presented a draft Newsletter for review and asked for input on this to be sent to him asap so that he could make any changes. The Newsletter will go out with the notice of the Annual Meeting next week.

  3. Treasurer's Report: Kevin Prunty presented the latest financial report (see attached). He reported that we had budgeted revenue for the year of $66,800 and so far had received $68996. Higher than budgeted assessments received were the main reason; only a few homeowners are late with payments. Expenses YTD are $38000 with electric lighting cost being the largest item followed by common ground mowing. Kevin also commented that with the new procedure of assessment bills being sent out at the end of the calendar year, Income and Revenue are now both on a calendar year basis, making the financial monitoring and budgeting simpler. Kevin also presented the budget for 2013 calendar year (see attached). He proposes keeping the assessment the same at $115. The budget is based on 570 homes (same as 2012 and versus 589 actual homes). Income/Expenses are budgeted at $66500/62886. Scott proposed that we adopt the budget as proposed; Austin seconded and the vote was unanimous. Kevin also recommended that we conduct a routine audit of C&V expenses. Scott and Kevin will organize this later in the year.

  4. Secretaries Report: Austin presented the format for the Annual Meeting notification to homeowners. The appropriate dates were inserted and Austin will finalize the document and send to Scott so that notice can be sent out the week of September 17th with a copy of the budget and Newsletter. He also presented updates of the Homeowners Questions/Complaints and Violations reports (attached). There were only two pending issues; the home on Country Field being used as a roofing business and a deteriorated home in Country Field Ct. On both issues we have received homeowner complaints. Scott said he had put the roofing business issue in the hands of the attorney and would contact him for a progress report. On the Country Field issue Scott suggested a letter be sent to the homeowner expressing our concern (Austin will follow up). Scott had two more homeowner issues to be added to the report and Austin will add these.

  5. Common Ground Report: Adam reported he had received a preliminary proposal for re-landscaping the Memorial Park and suggestions for cul-de-sac renovation from Eric Stief. It was recommended that we obtain 2 additional proposals/plans from other landscape designers before making a decision. Mr. Shannon suggested we consult a company called Environmental. Adam also reported he should have a bid for re-surfacing of the CG pathways in the next week. Scott reported on the recent tour of the Common Ground to review mowing needs. He recommended that based on the review that we need a special meeting with homeowners that back on to Baxter regarding their ownership of land behind their back fences and their obligations for mowing. This will be planned for after the annual meeting.

  6. H/PIA Applications: In Kevin Pfarr’s absence, Austin presented Kevin’s updated report (attached) on H/PIA requests and approvals. Two approvals were made in August. Scott said he had a new application to add to Kevin’s list and would forward it to him.

  7. Home Appearance Issues: See the Country Field Ct home issue discussed in the Secretary’s report above.

  8. Yard of the Month: Austin reported that the YOM winners for September were Michael & Nancy Karandzief on Parasol.

  9. Homeowner Forum: Mr. Shannon told the board that he works for Dale Signs and had discovered that we had asked the company for sign recommendations and asked for a status on the request. He was told that we had reviewed their proposals but we had delayed asking for a quote until the retaining walls and quadrants were completed so that we had a better perspective on where the signs could be placed. Mr. Shannon presented an additional option which would be free standing letters fixed to the retaining walls. He was asked to send in quote on such a sign.

  10. Baxter Road Project: The project appears to be progressing on schedule.

  11. AOB:
  12. Next Meeting: The next meeting is the Annual Meeting scheduled for Oct 25 2012 at 7:30 pm at KME.

  13. The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

  14. Download the minutes in PDF format.