Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
September 22, 2011

  1. Call to Order: Board President Don Baird called the meeting to order at 7:27pm. Also present were Trustees Scott Eiler, Adam Hale, Kevin Prunty and Austin Peppin. No homeowners were in attendance. A copy of the meeting agenda is attached. There were no additional items added and Kevin motioned that the minutes of the July 21st meeting be approved as read; Adam seconded and the vote was unanimous.

  2. President’s Report:
    1. On sub-division liaison, Don reported that 25 e-mails had been received and responded to; 5 e-mail blasts on various issues had been sent out; 5 additions and 9 notices posted on the web-site; newsletter issued in July.
    2. Don presented an update on the Baxter Rd project (attached). It was agreed we need to clarify who the new retaining walls at the four corners of Baxter/Country Ridge will belong to on completion (AP talk to Paul Sneed). The color of the retaining wall blocks was voted on – Omega Tan was the unanimous choice (AP to communicate to Paul Sneed). A new issue had arisen on the proposed path addition in the Monument Park. AT&T has placed a metal junction box on the proposed pathway site. AP to ask Paul Sneed if the proposed pathway can be re-routed around the box or if we need to re-think the pathway.
    3. Don presented an outline of a plan for replacement of the sub-division signage at Baxter & Country Ridge (see attached). After some discussion, it was agreed that all Trustees would scout neighborhood signage looking for attractive sign systems, take photos, and send them to Scott, who volunteered to head of the project.
    4. Don reported that he was developing invoices for Newsletter advertisements and will send them to each advertiser. Scott will receive the payments and deposit them via C&V.
    5. Austin presented a draft of the letter to be sent to homeowners announcing the Annual Meeting. Some word changes were suggested. Austin will make the appropriate changes and send the letter to C&V for mailing to homeowners.

  3. Treasurer's Report: (Current financial report attached to these minutes). Scott presented two options for the 2012, based on reduced assessment fees of $115 & $120 per home. After a review of both options a motion was proposed (Kevin) and seconded (Adam ) that we adopt a budget for 2012 based on the $115 assessment fee (a reduction of $10 per household). The vote was 4 in favor of the motion with Don abstaining. Scott presented a Treasurer’s letter to homeowners explaining the 2012 budget/finances and a copy of the budget based on the $115 assessment. Austin will attach these to the Annual Meeting announcement letter to be sent to homeowners by C&V.

  4. Secretarie's Report: Austin presented an update of the homeowner complaints/questions report (see attached). Two Indenture violation letters were sent out in late July, involving a back yard shed and a fallen fence. The two homeowners concerned had cooperated by removing the shed and fence (but posts must still be removed). A reply to the Kempwood homeowner’s request for an answer to his letter was agreed to; Austin will draft and mail the response.

  5. Common Ground Report: An Issue report had been received from Mr Schamber, at 2044 Long Castle Forest Ct, requesting we look at two large dead trees in the common ground behind his home. All trustees had looked at these. It was agreed that we should obtain a quote for cutting these trees down – Adam to handle. Adam reported that Eric Stief will lay sod beside the new steps between Country Ridge and Golden Rain to help prevent soil erosion. This is estimated to cost $150. Adam also reported that he had arranged for the sprinkler systems to be turned off in October and for the Parasol park bench to be re-cemented back in place (previously broken from its mountings). Adam suggested that we should remind homeowners that the City of Chesterfield will trim dead limbs from trees in the sidewalk easement if homeowners will call the COC and request it. It was suggested that this be an item for the next newsletter.

  6. Home Appearance Issues: Nothing to report.

  7. H/PIA Issues: Kevin presented an update of approved H/PIAs (see attached). Three new H/PIAs had been approved since the July meeting.

  8. Neighborhood Watch: The National Night Out is scheduled for October 4th.

  9. Yard of the Month: The winners for outstanding yard of the month for August and Sept were Mr & Mrs Francis Rybak (15264 Golden Rain) and Mr & Mrs Michael Olszewski (15558 Rose Gate). Congratulations to both. The last award for the year will be for October. Austin suggested that for 2012 we find a small committee of homeowners to make the judgment on the monthly winners.

  10. Homeowner Forum: Nothing to report.

  11. Baxter Rd Project: See 2 above.

  12. AOB:
    1. a) In preparation for the October Annual meeting, Austin passed out a copy of the 2010 Board accomplishments requested trustees pass their inputs for 2011 Accomplishments to him as soon as possible.
    2. Mail duty:
      1. October – Kevin
      2. November – Adam
      3. December - Scott

  13. Next Meeting: The next meeting is the Annual Meeting scheduled for October 27th 2011, at Kehrs Mill Elementary.

  14. The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

  15. Download the minutes in PDF format.