Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
July 21, 2011

  1. Call to Order: Board President Don Baird called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Also present were Trustees Scott Eiler, Adam Hale, Kevin Prunty and Austin Peppin. No homeowners were in attendance. A copy of the meeting agenda is attached. There were no additional items added and Kevin motioned that the minutes of the May 19th meeting be approved as read; Adam seconded and the vote was unanimous.

  2. President’s Report:
    1. Don reported on Sub-division liaison. There have been 17 web-site updates, especially on the Neighborhood events page. Sixty e-mails had been received and 18 e-mails sent out (replies or informational). The July Newsletter has been issued.
    2. Don reported that a change had been made to the web-site. Homeowners entering the site now go directly to the events page. Scott proposed and Kevin seconded that the agreement page be eliminated. Voting was unanimous. We are receiving monthly updates on the Baxter Rd project and these are being posted to the web-site.
    3. All three Board insurance policy bills were received and paid. Don asked for a reminder to be placed on the February 2012 agenda for a review of the policies to (1) determine if they still have adequate coverage, and (2) determine when they were last let out for competitive bid (not longer than 3 years per Indenture policy). Action: AP.

  3. Treasurer's Report: (Financial report attached to these minutes). Scott reported that he was satisfied with the current financial situation. He reported that 19 homeowners were in arrears for a total outstanding of $9,210. Two homeowners account for $5,474 of these arrears (we have a judgment against one of these), and six homeowners are overdue by two years. All overdue homeowners have had a lien placed on their home. Scott proposed, for future consideration by the Board, that if any individual homeowner’s past due amount gets to be 10% of the annual budget, that the Board take action to obtain a judgment against the homeowner. This was agreed to. Scott said that he and Kevin would review a proposed 2012 budget, and the assessment fee, and review with the Board at the September meeting. Scott said that he had received a $40 bill from the attorney for work involved with a lien placed on a homeowner that is attempting to refinance his home. It was the Board’s impression that the past due fees had been paid, but it appeared that a small amount was still unpaid. Kevin proposed and Adam seconded that if the unpaid amount was less than $100, that we should waive the amount and allow the homeowner to take clear title. The vote was unanimous and Kevin agreed to deal with this issue.

  4. Secretarie's Report: Austin presented an update of the homeowner complaints/questions report (see attached). It was agreed that the letters drafted for 15269 Country Ridge and 2017 Long Gate, should be mailed. Austin agreed to call the City of Chesterfield regarding the issue with the pool at 15362 Thistlebriar. Adam reported that the fallen tree behind 15339 Thistlebriar had been removed by the landscaper. In addition, Austin presented an update of the Indenture violations report (see attached). It was agreed that the letters drafted for the common ground issue behind Kempwood/Golden Rain should be sent to homeowners. It was agreed that the thank you letter should be sent to 2071 Vineyard. It was proposed and agreed that the letters drafted for 15579 Country Ridge (back yard shed) and 2015 Country Field (fallen fence), should be modified slightly before sending. Austin agreed to modify and resend to trustees for re-approval.

  5. Common Ground Report: Adam reported that Eric Stief had quoted $430 to cut down and move into the common ground two trees that had fallen, or were about to fall, in the common ground behind Thistlebriar. He also commented that we were mowing two narrow strips of grass behind Thistlebriar and that only immediate homeowners were benefiting. He suggested we not mow these areas in 2012. It was agreed to review this in October. Adam reported that Eric Stief had agreed to lay sod adjacent to the new steps he had constructed between Country Ridge and Golden Rain to prevent erosion that has occurred. It was agreed that this should be done after the hot summer weather. Austin suggested that Eric might also consider laying some rock to help stop the erosion beside these steps. Adam had consulted a sprinkler maintenance company regarding capping/pulling old lines in the monument park. The company indicated this was costly and not essential. It was agreed that no work would be done on the sprinkler system until the monument park was renovated at the conclusion of the Baxter Rd project. Regarding the next cul-de-sac to be renovated, Austin agreed to send Adam the results of the voting in 2009 for his review and recommendation.

  6. Home Appearance Issues: Nothing to report.

  7. H/PIA Issues: Two H/PIA forms had been received (one deck, one fence), as reported by Kevin. Both are in the process of being approved.

  8. Neighborhood Watch: Kevin reported we had received an e-mail from Tom Rothwell volunteering as NW captain for Long Gate Ct. Austin restated his willingness to act for Silverwood Ct.

  9. Yard of the Month: The winners for outstanding yard of the month for June and July were two neighbors on Fairway Bend. Congratulations to Richard Artz (June) and Katherine Rus (July).

  10. Homeowner Forum: Nothing to report.

  11. Baxter Rd Project: See 2 above.

  12. AOB:
    1. Austin presented a list of possible dates for the 2011/2012 meeting schedule (see attached). It was agreed that these were workable. Austin will work with Rockwood School District and the public library to reserve rooms.
    2. In preparation for the October Annual meeting, Don requested that Board members prepare a list of Board accomplishments and pass them to him in September.
    3. Mail duty:
      1. Aug – Scott
      2. Sept – Austin
      3. October - Kevin

  13. Next Meeting: The next meeting is Sept 22nd 2011, at Kehrs Mill Elementary (anticipated).

  14. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

  15. Download the minutes in PDF format.