Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
February 10, 2011

Special Meeting: Prior to the scheduled meeting, there was a brief meeting with Paul Sneed and his team from St Louis County who are responsible for the Baxter Rd restructuring project. The proposed changes to the Baxter Rd/Country Ridge junction and the planned changes to the entry park were reviewed. Country Ridge will be lowered, starting from the Country Ridge/Golden Rain junction, to meet the lowered (5 ft) Baxter Road. This necessitates a retaining wall being constructed around the park on Baxter and Country Ridge with planned steps leading down from the park to the lowered CR sidewalk. After some discussion, it was agreed by the Trustees that the steps be removed from the plan and that the entrance to the park should be on Golden Rain. The proposed railing will run now continuously around the top of the retaining wall. The St Louis Co team will provide the necessary paper work documenting this change for signature by the Trustees.

  1. Call to Order: Board President Don Baird called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Also present were Trustees Scott Eiler, Adam Hale, Austin Peppin and Kevin Prunty. Homeowner Christopher Glass was also in attendance. A copy of the meeting agenda is attached. There were no additional items added. Scott motioned that the minutes of the February 10th meeting be approved as read. Adam seconded and the vote was unanimous.

  2. President’s Report: An information page has been created on the web-site providing a status report for homeowners on the Baxter Rd Project. This will be updated routinely. The current status letter has also been sent out by e-mail blast. Don reported that two formal proposals have been received from St Louis County Highways & Traffic Public Works (STLPW). The first is a proposed change to the Monument Park modification plan. The revised plan takes out the proposed steps off Country Ridge (CR) and instead creates a new entrance pathway into the park at the corner of CR & Golden Rain (this will necessitate removal of one of the pine trees at the corner of CR/GR). With the acceptance of the revision, STLPW will provide the sub-division with three extra shrubs/trees towards new landscaping. Scott proposed that we accept the revised plan and Adam seconded. The vote was, for acceptance (4) and against (1). The motion was carried. All five Trustees signed the proposal letter and Don will mail to STLPW. The second proposal from STLPW recommends closing Country Field Drive (CF) completely while modifications are made to the CF/Baxter junction. During this time Country Ridge will be open. Vice versa, while modifications are being made to the CR/Baxter junction, CR will be closed and CF will remain open. Scott motioned that we accept the proposal and Kevin seconded. The vote was unanimous. All Trustees signed the acceptance letter and Don will mail to STLPW.

    STLPW has provided samples of the brick options for the new retaining walls at the four corners of the revised Baxter/CR junction. We have been asked to choose one. The Trustees and Mr. Glass felt that the “tan” colored brick may be best suited, but Adam agreed to show the samples to homeowners around the junction to obtain their opinions before we make a decision. Laclede Gas has requested we send a W-9 form to cover the easement payment the made to the sub-division. Scott agreed to mail one. Austin presented a draft outline of a project plan (attached) to cover the work that the sub-division needs to do as part of the Baxter Rd project. The aim of the plan is to ensure we act timely and coordinate work of contractors over the next 18 months. He asked for inputs, additions, suggestions from the other Trustees in fully formulating the plan which he offered to flesh out. Finally, Don recommended that Austin act as the primary contact person for STLPW, in case they need to contact the Board with questions.

  3. Treasurers Report: Scott presented the financial report (See Report attached). He reported that we were approximately $ 2000 behind in assessment collection through February, but this was similar to this stage of 2010. The easement fee received from Laclede gas has been deposited. A tax extension form has also been filed.

  4. Secretaries Report: Austin presented an update of Indenture violations (see attached report). The violations and letters process was reviewed. Austin commented that many of the violations were referred to the City of Chesterfield (COC) for handing. He presented copies of typical letters sent out by the Board directly to homeowners and indicated that the Indenture violations report had been initiated in 2010 in order to keep a careful record of noted violations, results achieved, and to make the process more transparent. It was agreed that in future, before a violation letter was sent out, it would be circulated to all Trustees for review.

  5. Common Ground Report: Adam reported that the COC had inspected the tree trimmings deposited behind Kempwood but said they could not help as they did not know who had deposited them. Adam said he would draft a letter to a few homeowners adjacent to the common ground on Kempwood reminding them that no dumping was allowed. Adam reported that he was still waiting for more information and samples of block from Erick Stief on the bid for repairs to the steps between Golden Rain and Country Ridge. He will follow up with Stief. He also reported that Stief had been given to go-ahead for the Spring clean up. Mike Martin has requested that his initial payment be moved up due to increased cost of fuel, etc. This request was agreed to. Regarding cul-de-sac updates, it was agreed that we would revisit to state of the cul-de-sacs in April and determine those most in need of upgrading. Don had addressed a complaint of common ground erosion with the homeowner on Country Field, explaining the sub-division policy on this. He had also made out an Issue Report on the homeowner behalf and asked Austin to mail this to the homeowner.

  6. Home Appearance Issues: There is a trailer issue on Country Ridge that has still not been moved. It was agreed that the revised H/PIA agreed with the homeowner be returned and that Scott/Adam would re-visit the homeowner to request that the trailer be moved until the new fence has been constructed. It was noted that a home on Golden Rain is missing a large piece of siding on the left side of the garage. The only covering is tar paper.

  7. H/PIA Issues: Scott/Adam agreed to visit a homeowner on Country Ridge regarding what appears to be a new chain link fence. Otherwise, no new requests had been received. A change in the H/PIA process was agreed to: in future an e-mail letter will be sent to the homeowner outlining the approval and any modifications needed.

  8. Neighborhood Watch: Nothing to report.

  9. Yard of the Month: It was agreed that this would start up again with an award at the beginning of May. The Board would need to vote on an award at the end of April. Don noted that the COC (Beautification Committee) has initiated a Yard Beautification Award program for 2011 for which nominees can be made (see Chesterfield Citizen pg 6). Each Ward will be represented twice in the year. Scott proposed and Adam seconded a motion that one of last year’s winners of YOM (2078 Meadowbrook Way) be the candidate for an initial submission by the sub-division. The vote was unanimous. Austin will submit the recommendation to the COC in April, copying in the homeowner.

  10. Homeowner Forum: Mr. Glass posed a question about beautifying the four corners of the Baxter/CR junction following the reconstruction of the roadway. It was pointed out that the Board has a budget and program to re-landscape the four corners with new plantings and sub-division signs when the road work is completed.

  11. Baxter Rd Project: See Presidents report above.

  12. AOB: Mail pick up roster is as follows:
    April – Austin
    May – Kevin
    June – Adam
    July – Don

    Don commented that the July 4th party had been successful in previous years and that we should run this again this year. It was greed this was a good idea. Don will handle organizing a committee.

  13. Next Meeting: May 19th at KME at 7:30 pm. The July meeting will be July 25th at the Sachs branch library at 7pm.

  14. The meeting was adjourned 8:50 pm.

  15. Download the minutes in PDF format.