Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
July 15, 2010

  1. Call to Order: Board President Don Baird called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm. Also present were Trustees Scott Eiler, Adam Hale, Michael Olszewski, and Austin Peppin. Homeowners Kevin & Casey Pfarr (Silverwood La) and Bev Stahlberg (Country Ridge Dr) were also in attendance. A copy of the meeting agenda is attached. There were no additional items added. Austin motioned that the minutes of the May 20th meeting should be approved as read. Adam seconded and the vote was unanimous.

  2. President's Report: Don reported that information on recent burglaries in the sub-division was rapidly communicated to homeowners through an e-mail blast and a web-site notice. Recommendations for keeping homes safe and secure were included. This information was also included in the July Newsletter that has just been published. Chesterfield Police has notified Trustees of a "National Night Out" event to be held the evening of August 3rd, which neighborhoods are encouraged to participate in. This event is designed to promote police-community relationships and deter crime. Homeowners are encouraged to participate. Don reported that Chesterfield Police has been asked to provide information on crimes committed in the sub-division to Trustees in a more rapid manner, so that the Trustees can provide a faster alert to homeowners.
    MSD is planning a "smoke test" of sewers in the sub-division in the next 45 days. A notice has been placed on the web-site. In response to homeowner comments a new "contact us" page is being placed on the web-site making it easier for homeowners to contact the Trustees. Kevin Pfarr is also working on electronic versions of "forms" on the web-site that can be more easily filled in by homeowners on line. He is also working on new e-mail addresses for the Trustees so that they will not need to use personal e-mail addresses. Don reported that the road renewal on Fairway Bend is almost complete.

  3. Treasurers Report: (See Scott's Summary Report attached). Scott reported that the accounts are in order and that regular payments to contractors have been made. Two insurance bills were paid. C&V reports show that 18 homeowners are overdue with assessment payment; this is down from last year at this time, but higher than two years ago. Scott said we were at a typical situation regarding unpaid assessments. Two of the homeowners on the list account for approx. 50% of the money outstanding.

  4. Secretaries Report: Austin presented two summary reports. The first was an update (see attached) of the Violations Summary started last meeting (items in red are new for this meeting). He pointed out that COC had cited a number of homeowners for trash can violations but COC reported these were now in compliance. COC had taken control of the default property on Fairway bend situation; they have mown the grass and reported they were having the pool drained. The owners of a property on Timberhill had met with COC representatives and said they would get bids on having the house painted. We will monitor this situation. The second report presented (see attached) is a new report designed to record action on homeowner questions and complaints. Austin pointed out two recent incidents where a tree fell from the common ground and damaged the back fence of of a home on Country Field, and another where a major limb broke off a common ground tree and fell across the rear fence on Thistlebriar. In the former case the damage fell under the homeowner's insurance. In the latter, as the fallen limb was partly in the mowed area of the common ground, the Trustees have contracted with a landscaper to remove it. In response to a homeowner complaint, a letter has been written to the owners on Silverwood Lane asking them to move a basket ball hoop which is standing partly in the roadway and considered a traffic hazard.
    Austin presented the meeting schedule for 2010-2011 (see attached). Meetings will now be bi-monthly at Kehrs Mill Elementary. The schedule has been cleared with Rockwood School District. The July 2011 meeting will be arranged later at one of the libraries.

  5. Common Ground Report: Michael reported that AmerenUE is painting the light poles black in the sub-division, and suggested we post a notice in the Newsletter requesting that homeowners do not use tape in attaching notices to the newly painted poles. The trampoline on the common ground at the rear of 2074 Country Field was discussed. Scott and Adam agreed to visit the homeowner and ascertain ownership of the trampoline and discuss moving it off the common ground. Don raised the issue of basketball hoops and other recreational equipment on sub-division streets. After some discussion it was agreed no action was needed at this time.

  6. Cul-de-sac Update: Michael reported that we should consider updating one or two circles on the priority list in the Fall. Scott felt that it should be possible to do this within the budget. He said he would review the budget situation in August so that we could make a decision as to which circles could be updated. It was suggested that we consider asking neighbors on these circles to help with the planting of new shrubbery, trees to reduce cost, and the subsequent watering, feeding, and maintenance to ensure survival.

  7. Districts within the Sub-division: Adam reported that a map showing proposed sub-division districts is now on the web-site and that we are asking for volunteers for Neighborhood Watch captains. In lieu of recent burglaries it was felt that setting up a NW system was matter of urgency. It was agreed that we should do all possible to expedite this system and seeking captain volunteers.

  8. Home Appearance Issues: Don reported that a homeowner complaint had been received regarding a home on Winterhaven Ct, (poorly maintained front yard). Austin reported that this situation had been referred to COC for evaluation as a violation of Ordinance 2498.

  9. H/PIA Issues: An H/PIA had been received from a home on Country Ridge Drive (new deck steps and back patio). Scott and Adam approved this.

  10. Beautification Program: The new "Yard of the Month" program had been kicked-off with the first winner for July being the home at 2078 Meadowbrook Way. This was featured in the July News letter and will become a regular feature on the web-site. This program is designed to help increase the appearance of the sub-division and home values. Austin reported that a Yard of the Month Winner sign had been designed (picture attached) and would be available July 17th. The Trustees are seeking recommendations for August's winner. Michael reminded the Board that it is the homeowner's responsibility to report to the COC dead limbs on trees that are situated between the sidewalk and the street, so that the City can trim them. The Board would also welcome homeowner cooperation in trimming any low "suckers" which have grown on these trees since the City lifted the canopy in the early Spring.

  11. Homeowner Forum: A question was raised - were the recent burglars caught? To the best of the Board's knowledge the answer was no

  12. AOB: It was agreed that the Board should pursue through legal means the recovery of a number of year's unpaid assessments from one homeowner. Scott has mail for August.

  13. Next Meeting: Sept 23 at Kehrs Mill Elementary.

  14. The meeting was adjourned 8:50 pm.

  15. Download the minutes in PDF format.