Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
May 20, 2010

  1. Call to Order: Board President Don Baird called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. Also present were Trustees Scott Eiler, Adam Hale, Michael Olszewski, and Austin Peppin. Homeowner Bill Loebig (Silverwood Ct.) was also in attendance. A copy of the meeting agenda is attached. There were no additional items added. Don commented that the minutes of the April 29th meeting should be amended to include addresses of homes with violations that had been discussed. Austin agreed to make the changes. Mike made a motion that the April 29th minutes be approved as so amended. Adam seconded and the vote was unanimous.

  2. President's Report: Don reported that 12 homeowner e-mail addresses had been found to be non-functioning. This has been corrected, mostly, leaving only two. An e-mail blast was done to homeowners on Fairway Bend warning them of upcoming road construction. With regard to the overdue assessment issue, Don said he had had a conversation with the attorney about this but was still waiting to hear from him. We want to know what our max fees could be before proceeding. Don provided a recommended schedule for 2010/2011 meetings (see attached). He recommended moving to a 2 monthly schedule, to provide more even gaps between meetings during the year. Austin will sound out Rockwood School District regarding the room availability to meet this schedule.

  3. Treasurers Report: (See Scott's Summary Report attached). Scott reported that he had signed 30+ lien notices for overdue assessments. He said the situation this year is better than last at this time. Twenty homeowners were past due for one year only, with only 3 more than a year. Otherwise he said accounts were in order.

  4. Secretaries Report: Austin reported that he had twice e-mailed Derek Redhead at COC regarding advice on appearance and other violation issues but had had no response. He said he would follow-up again. He presented a summary of violation issues discussed in 2010 to date (see attached). Some of these have been resolved and some are still in the discussion phase.

  5. Common Ground Report: Michael reported that AmerenUE is painting the light poles black in the sub-division, and suggested we post a notice in the Newsletter requesting that homeowners do not use tape in attaching notices to the newly painted poles. The trampoline on the common ground at the rear of 2074 Country Field was discussed. Scott and Adam agreed to visit the homeowner and ascertain ownership of the trampoline and discuss moving it off the common ground. Don raised the issue of basketball hoops and other recreational equipment on sub-division streets. After some discussion it was agreed no action was needed at this time.

  6. Cul-de-sac Update: Michael reported that the new plantings for Long Gate and Winterhaven circles had been completed. A homeowner on the Long Gate circle has complained that one of the older yew bushes on the circle is too high and requested that the BOT cut this back. After looking at a photo of this shrub, the board agreed they could not see a major problem and that only minor trimming was needed. The board agreed that it looks for cooperation from the local homeowners in taking care of such minor shrubbery trimming and that we ask for cooperation from the circle homeowners in doing this. The complaint from a Silverwood Lane circle owner regarding the ornamental grass in the center of the circle was discussed. It was agreed that this should be allowed to grow and not be routinely cut along with the outlying standard grass or covered by mulch.

  7. Districts within the Sub-division: Adam suggested that the proposed sub-division districts be posted on the web-site and that we ask for volunteers for Neighborhood Watch captains. It was agreed that we should do this and try to get the Neighborhood Watch system going again. Action: Adam will speak to Kevin Pfarr.

  8. Home Appearance Issues: Don reported that another homeowner complaint had been received regarding the pre-foreclosure home on Fairway Bend. The home is empty and the yard is overgrown and there is a pool in the rear. It was decided that the Chesterfield should address this issue and Austin agreed to bring the home to Derek Redhead's attention for COC ordinance violation. After some additional discussion, it was agreed we should refer garbage can and home appearance issues on the violation list to the COC. Action: Austin will send a list of violations to Derek Redhead and request that action be taken. Don recommended that a letter be sent to the homeowners on Thistlebriar regarding a boat stored on the driveway. (As of 5/24, the boat appears to have been moved).

  9. H/PIA Issues: Bill Loebig submitted an H/PIA for a new fence in his back yard. This was approved by Scott and Adam. An e-mail had been received from the homeowner on Mint Hill Ct concerned that a neighbor had built a fence which may be encroaching on her property. An H/PIA had been approved for the fence. All BOT members had observed the fence line and the survey. It was agreed that the BOT could not see a problem and that we should so inform the homeowner via letter, and that if she is still concerned that she should take it up directly with her neighbor. Action: Don will send a note giving our conclusions.

  10. Beautification Program: Austin reported he could not find any "garden club" members on the sub-division to help with a program. Don felt a program to highlight outstanding yard landscaping is a good idea. It was agreed that something along the lines of signs to highlight "yards of the month", plus sections in the Newsletter/Web-site (with photos?), would be beneficial to the sub-division. Homeowners would be asked to make recommendations. To get things started, it was agreed that the BOT recommend the first homes. All BOT members will view all nominated homes and pick the first winner of Yard of the Month.

  11. AOB: Scott recommended contacting Kevin Pfarr and having him set up e-mail accounts for each BOT member so that we can communicate using these instead of personal e-mail accounts. Action: Scott to handle. Mike has the PO Box duty for June.

  12. Next Meeting: Don proposed we have a meeting in July to avoid a long break until Sept. Austin will see if there is a room available at Daniel Boone library, or COC City Hall.

  13. Homeowner Forum: No issues were raised.

  14. Don adjourned the meeting at 9:00 pm.

  15. Download the minutes in PDF format.