Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
April 29, 2010

  1. Call to Order: Board President Don Baird called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. Also present were Trustees Scott Eiler, Adam Hale, Michael Olszewski, and Austin Peppin. Homeowners Jim Stoeppler and Bob & Linda Hargrove were also in attendance. A copy of the meeting agenda is attached. There were no additional items added. Don made a motion that the previous meeting minutes (February 22nd 2010), be approved as read. Adam seconded and the vote was unanimous.

  2. President's Report: Don reported that he had sent out a certified letter to a homeowner seriously delinquent in dues payments. The letter had been returned by the USPS as not accepted. The option now was to move ahead legally. Action: Don will ask the attorney for a quote on a "not to exceed" basis, for serving this particular homeowner. Adam suggested another, less costly, option would be to hire a serving agency. Don raised a "beautification issue. He commented that the Baxter Rd., corridor often looks unsightly in parts (grass untrimmed by fences, trash) and this leaves a poor impression of the sub-division. He asked for suggestions to remedy this. Ideas such as asking homeowners in the corridor to trim grass, asking for sub-division clean-up volunteers (an e-mail blast request was suggested), or requesting involvement from the sub-division garden club were discussed. The latter might also be interested in helping to beautify the Parasol Park. Action: Austin will approach members of the garden club to see if they would be interested in helping with beautification programs. A homeowner on Country Field had asked for help on a creek erosion problem. MSD has said they cannot help, that the creek is the sub-division's responsibility (but approval by MSD is need for any modifications). The BOT does not have any budget to solve this problem, so no action can be taken. Don is talking to other BOTs in the area, to determine if there are any grants available for this kind of work. The homeowner has been kept up to date by Don. The 2010/2011 meeting schedule was briefly discussed. Don will draft a tentative schedule for review at the next meeting.

  3. Treasurers Report: (See Scott's Summary Report attached). Scott reported that we still have about 20 delinquent assessments due, which is about average for this time of year. He expects more to be received in May. Only two are seriously delinquent (more than 3 years). He also reported that he will be signing liens to cover unpaid assessments. The issue of old, excess fees on AmerenUE street lighting bills (reported in the Suburban Journal) was discussed. Scott will get an itemized bill and look at fees we are charged and report at the next meeting. Don will discuss this with other BOT organizations.

  4. Secretaries Report: Austin reported that that 5 violation letters had been sent out since February and good compliance had been achieved from the respective homeowners. He also reported that the COC was working with a homeowner on Thistlebriar regarding deterioration of the appearance of their property. A homeowner on Country Ridge has complained about trash and aggressive dogs in their neighbor's back yard. This has been discussed with the COC and the homeowner has been asked to contact Derek Redhead of COC directly on this. A number of other potential Indenture violations were discussed, including tarp covered trailer, two homes with great overgrown shrubbery/trees (deteriorate appearance), overgrown, tall weeds in front yards and trash thrown on common ground. Action: Austin/Don will follow up on these, discuss some with COC and recommend further action. Austin commented that he had prepared a letter to homeowners about brushing leaves into the street (a COC violation), but recommended leaving this leaf issue until the summer in preparation for the Fall. Finally, Austin & Adam had conducted a review of the 2nd Q 2009 (chosen at random) income/expenses using inputs provided by C&V and. All financial data was in order, with the exception of back-up receipts from C&V for two small C&V charges. Scott will get these. Don motioned that the review be accepted, Mike seconded and the vote was "for" - 4 votes, with Scott abstaining.

  5. Common Ground Report: Michael reported that mulching of circles had been done this week. A homeowner on Silverwood Ln had complained about the grass (plants) in their circle harboring pests. This will be trimmed by our contract mowing service.

  6. Cul-de-sac Update: Michael reported that two contracts had negotiated and approved for upgrading Winterhaven and Long Gate Ct circles. These are the next two circles voted most in need of repair. Shadyford Ct will be done later, as the budget allows (Fall?).

  7. Districts within the Sub-division: Adam suggested that an e-mail blast be put out to get volunteers for Neighborhood Watch captains. Action: Don to draft a note.

  8. Home Appearance Issues: Two homes on Country Ridge and Strollways with badly overgrown trees and shrubbery were discussed (see also minute 4). Austin will discuss these with COC.

  9. H/PIA Issues: Adam reported that 4 H/PIAs had been received and approved. There were no outstanding H/PIAs. Austin will design a spreadsheet to allow Adam to help keep track of H/PIAs and use in reporting

  10. AOB: Austin raised the issue of having a "beautification" program, similar to that of COC, with some simple reward for homeowners judged to have made extra effort in TLC of their front yards. Recommendations from other homeowners would be sought. It was suggested that the Garden Club may be interested in being involved in this also. It was agreed Austin would draft a note for Don to insert in the next Newsletter.

  11. Next Meeting: The next meeting is on May 20th at 7:30 at Kehrs Mill Elementary. Mail duty for May is Austin.

  12. Homeowner Forum: Jim Stoeppler raised the issue that spending on circle repair was unfair to homeowners who maintained their circles in good order. It was pointed out that the BOT felt an obligation to spend some money to help upgrade the sub-division in its attempts to protect home values, and all circles are the subject of maintenance at sub-division expense. But even where money was being spent, it was hoped homeowners would then spend some "sweat equity" to help maintain them.

  13. Don adjourned the meeting at 9:00 pm.

  14. Download the minutes in PDF format.