Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
February 22, 2010

  1. Call to Order: Board President Don Baird called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. Also present were Trustees Scott Eiler, Adam Hale, Michael Olszewski, and Austin Peppin. Homeowners Kevin & Casey Pfarr (Silverwood Lane) and Beverly Stahlberg (Country Ridge) were also in attendance. A copy of the meeting agenda is attached. There were no additional items added. Don made a motion that the previous meeting minutes (January 28th 2010), be approved as read. Scott seconded and the vote was unanimous.

  2. President's Report: Firstly, Don noted that he had placed a notice on the web-site and done an e-mail blast regarding the rescheduling of this meeting from the 25th due to Austin being out of town on the 25th. He then led the discussion immediately into the key agenda item, a discussion and vote on this year's Common Ground maintenance contract. The work had been put out for bid and two proposals received from Total Care Group (the current contractor) and Top Care Inc. A detailed comparison of the bids is available. Don led a discussion on the pros and cons of each bid, with each Trustee giving his opinions. The major factors considered were the three year fixed price from Total Care and the history with this supplier. Finally, the decision was put to a vote based on the following motion proposed by Austin and seconded by Don: that the Board accept the Total Care Croup bid, with a re-negotiated payment schedule (monthly in arrears), with the currently proposed discount and with the appropriate liability and workman's comp. wavers supplied by Total Care. The vote was, For: 4 votes, Against: 0 votes and with Abstain: 1 vote. The motion was carried. Action: Mike will handle further discussions with Total Care and get the final contract signed. Mike will also determine the number and cost of any additional services needed (fertilizations, bush trimming, etc.).

  3. Treasurers Report: (See Scott's Summary Report attached). Scott reported that all Income and Expense accounts for January 2010 Income Statement, match C&V statements and Lindell Bank statements for the Reserve account. He also reported that C&V is getting all 2nd Q 2009 bills together, so that Adam & Austin can conduct an audit prior to the next meeting. He reported that approximately $23K of additional assessment fee income had been received in January. All Trustees are current on assessment dues. There is still an outstanding amount of approximately $22K of unpaid 2010 fees, but Scott feels that most of this will be received during the next three months, based on past history. C&V has mailed past due notices. Scott projects that overall reserves will increase this year to about $71K, putting the HOA in a good position.

  4. Secretaries Report: Austin reported that he had discussed the problem of homeowners sweeping Fall leaves into the street. They suggested we send names and addresses of any homeowners guilty of this to the City, which would inspect and issue a City code violation. However, the street sweeper has since come trough the sub-division and made reporting difficult. Austin recommended we tackle this problem later in the year with notices in the Newsletter and on the web-site. Indenture violation letters were sent to 4 homeowners (xxxx Thistlebriar, xxxx Country Ridge, xxxx & xxxx Golden Rain). The homeowner at xxxx Golden Rain has replied and said they would remedy the violation. A "thank you" letter was sent by the Board. No other replies have been received. A request for an H/PIA was sent to xxxx Timber Hill, for recently constructed deck, but no reply has been received. The latter property was also discussed with the City of Chesterfield because of deteriorating appearance (no paint left of front wood trim). The City has entered a work order to inspect and possibly issue a City code violation. (Action: Austin to follow up with the City later). Scott's telephone number has been entered into the City web-site as a sub-division contact.

  5. Common Ground Report: Michael had nothing new to report. There is still a problem with trash that has been deposited on the common ground adjacent to Country Ridge and Silverwood Lane. Mike to resolve how to address this.

  6. Cul-de-sac Update: There was discussion on how to address three of the circles that were rated as in need of some TLC in last year's poll; Winterhaven Ct., Long Gate Ct., & Shadyford Ct. It was agreed that $1500 be budgeted for some upgrading. Mike suggested one new tree each for Winterhaven and Long Gate plus some other trim work. It was agreed that we should explore with the circle coordinator some help in this work from the immediate residents (help with labor?). Action: Mike to coordinate and come up with a plan for the three circles.

  7. Districts within the Sub-division: Adam presented a Google Earth map of the sub-division with a proposed segmentation, for use in Neighborhood Watch and other sub-division programs (see attached map). It was decided that at the next meeting we should discuss how to communicate this to residents and seek captains for each segment. Action: All.

  8. Home Appearance Issues: Several trustees noticed that 15482 Country Ridge has a large box trailer parked in the driveway. Action: Austin to send a letter

  9. H/PIA Issues: A letter has been sent requesting them to the Franks submit an H/PIA but no reply has been received, although the deck has been built.

  10. AOB: Scott reported that he'd had discussions with C&V regarding our ability to recover attorney fees in the case of our taking a homeowner to court to recover unpaid assessment dues. He said their interpretation of the amended indentures is that we can recover attorney fees. There was discussion about the situation with one homeowner who has not paid assessments for over ten years and owes the HOA in excess of $2000 in past dues and interest/penalties. It was agreed that we need to take some action on this overdue account. Action: Don will discuss this with Elia Ellis (HOA attorney) and get an opinion on the next step

  11. Next Meeting: There is no meeting in March; the next meeting is on April 29th at 7:30 at Kehrs Mill Elementary. Mail duty for March is Adam, and April is Don.

  12. Don adjourned the meeting at 9:10 pm.

  13. Download the minutes in PDF format.