Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
January 28, 2010

  1. Call to Order: Board President Don Baird called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. Also present were Trustees Scott Eiler, Adam Hale, Michael Olszewski, and Austin Peppin. Homeowner Bill Loebig was also in attendance. A copy of the meeting agenda is attached. There were no additional items added. Austin made a motion that the previous meeting minutes (November 19th 2009), be approved as read. Scott seconded and the vote was unanimous.

  2. President's Report: Don has sent the advertising billing to Scott for invoicing. The January Newsletter went out on 1/9 and contained reports on a number of neighborhood events, including the successful Santa event (Monarch Fire Dept) in December. We have had a letter from Kim Huffman (Chesterfield Police Crime Officer) asking us to warn residents about thieves breaking into cars left on driveways and at the Mall and not to leave valuable items in cars. Don had put a warning in the January Newsletter and had done an e-mail blast to residents (only 1/3 of residents currently on the e-mail list. Kim recently sent a warning about the upcoming census and scam artists trying to get confidential information by telephone or in person. Don said he would post a warning on the web-site.

  3. Treasurers Report: (Summary report attached). Scott reported that all expenses for 2009 are in. Income was $17K over expenses. Scott is sending the financial record to the accountant and expects to file the tax report by March 15. No taxes are expected due to loss carry over. We currently have a year's worth of funds in reserve. Scott will update the budget in February after receiving the January report from C&V containing Homeowner assessment payments, which are usually received in January. Scott also moved and Michael seconded, that we appoint a two trustee audit committee to audit the 2009 financials. Austin & Adam agreed to act as the committee. It was resolved that auditing the second quarter 2009 financials would be sufficient to satisfy the audit with the results to be presented at the next meeting. (Action: Scott will provide the information required to Austin & Adam).

  4. Secretaries Report: Austin said there had been a number of complaints regarding homeowners sweeping their Fall leaves into the street and leaving them there to rot. This creates an unsightly mess in the street and may also cause a slipping hazard. He had contacted the City of Ballwin for background on their vacuum pick-up service, which they perform with their own trucks at a cost of $300K/year. He also spoke to Allied Waste about such a vacuum service. Allied said they only pick up leaves which homeowners have placed in bags and paid for a pick up. Allied has exclusive rights for trash pick up in the sub-division through agreement with the City of Chesterfield and no other contractor is allowed to come in and perform a kerb-side vacuum service, similar to Ballwin's. However, Michael noted that individual homeowners can have their own, individual lawn service sweep and remove leaves. Austin recommended that we address this issue in the Summer and encourage homeowners to bag their leaves and pay for the Allied pick up service. It was also noted that sweeping leaves into the street is against a Chesterfield ordinance. (Action: Austin will find out what this is specifically and draft a letter to the City detailing offenders).

    Austin reported he had received a list of property transfers for 2009 from C&V and had updated the list of homeowners. He had also sent a current list of Trustees to C&V. We have been notified that, in January, two homes in the sub-division have gone into foreclosure. Austin also reported that the City of Chesterfield web-site has a current list of our Trustees, but no phone numbers (the majority of sub-divisions have phone contacts. Scott offered to have his phone number added to the City web-site listing (Action: Austin to handle). Don suggested also adding the general Board of Trustee e-mail address.

  5. Common Ground Report: Michael had nothing new to report on the Cul-de-sac improvement project. He has received two bids for common ground mowing, from Top Care and Mike Martin, but needs further clarification on these, so an "apples to apples" comparison can be made. The pros and cons of each bid as currently structured were reviewed. Michael will present finalized bids at the February meeting for a Board decision and vote. Michael also reviewed a number of home appearance issues, namely; Austin will draft a new letter to be sent to homeowners to address these issues. This will be circulated to other Trustees for review prior to sending.
    Michael also commented on a trampoline that is now sitting on the common ground at Country Field/Golden Rain. It was decided that we need to find the owner and have them move it to their property (two Trustees to contact nearby homeowners). Finally, Michael requested that other Trustees look at the common ground accessed off the Country Ridge pathway. Items are being dumped there. (Action: Other trustees visit to observe the problem and review at next meeting).

  6. Districts within the Sub-division: Don recommended that we consider breaking up the sub-division into segments to help with sub-division management and Neighborhood Watch. Adam agreed to review this and come back to the Board with a recommendation next month.

  7. C&V Meeting Issues: A recent C&V meeting, in which various issues regarding sub-division Trustee management were reviewed, was attended by Don, Scot, Austin and Adam. Some of these issues were discussed. It was agreed that that the current Board did not need to be incorporated (the cons outweighed the pros and we have G&L insurance to cover officers), and that, in regards to a quorum, we should continue to follow the indentures procedures. However, it was agreed that we should address the issue of liens which are approaching the ten year time frame. Currently, we have one such lien involving a sum of approximately $2000. It was suggested that a letter from the lawyer was appropriate (Action: Scott to follow up).

  8. H/PIA Issues: Don had requested an H/PIA but none has been received, although the deck has been built. (Action: Austin to draft a letter regarding submitting a H/PIA).

  9. AOB: Adam said that he has been asked by his company to have a letter signed by Don that Adam, and/or the company he works for, is not the lawyer for the Board of Trustees. (Action: Don signed).
    Austin requested that the February meeting be moved up. It was agree that the meeting would be moved to Feb 22nd (Now confirmed at Kehrs Mill School at 7:30pm.). Don said he would post a notice on the web-site to inform residents.

  10. Don adjourned the meeting at 9:15 pm.

  11. Download the minutes in PDF format.