Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
September 24, 2009

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm at Kehrs Mill Elementary School. Present were trustees Don Baird, Scott Eiler, Meredith McMindes and Michael Olszewski. Also present were 4 homeowners.

  2. Scott Eiler presented a detailed financial report to the Board and homeowners (attached). As of 8/31/09, the checking account at City & Village had a balance of $31,187.84. The Bank Midwest money market account had a balance of $65,430.85. Scott went over the 2010 proposed budget and explained posting codes and proposed amounts.

    Scott reported that the taxes had been submitted before the 9/15/09 deadline. The payment for the Baxter Road project continues to be postponed for tax purposes.

  3. Meredith informed the Board of the trustee openings and dates for the upcoming election in October. There are 2 positions open on the Board. The first position is a 3 year term, to replace trustee Michele Withers. The second position is a 1 year term to fill the remaining year left in retiring trustee, Meredith McMindes', term. Nominations for the trustee positions are due to the Board by October 9, 2009. Absentee ballot requests need to be received by October 18, 2009 and received in the post office box by October 29, 2009. There is only one vote per household and a return address must be on the envelope.

  4. There were 6 Home/ Property Improvement applications submitted and approved since the last Board meeting in May 2009.

  5. Michael explained the subdivision's tree removal policy to the homeowners present. Also, throughout the subdivision, there are many trees in the grass median (between the sidewalk and road) that are in need of pruning and/or replacement. Michael left letters at these addresses directing homeowners to call the city of Chesterfield for tree trimming. The city has trimmed many of the trees along Country Ridge Dr. Michael will leave letters in May 2010 throughout the remainder of the subdivision. Homeowners would be required to submit $100 for each tree applied for, with the City contributing the remaining amount needed to plant the tree. The homeowner must call the City and get on their books for tree replacement in the fall or spring.

  6. Michael updated the Board on houses in violation of city codes. A home in the subdivision was cited by the City and extensive clean up occurred over the summer. Another home has overgrown bushes and trees growing on the driveway. As the city has no violation that orders tree trimming, we would need to contact Ward 3 councilmembers for help in this situation.

  7. Don and Michael discussed the cul-de-sac improvement committee work during the summer. Don asked each committee member to vote on the condition of all the cul-de-sacs to determine the priority in which landscaping work would be done. Only 7 ballots were returned; Silverwood Court was voted as in the worst condition. Since that time, City of Chesterfield has informed the Board that they have right of way ownership of 6 of the circles. Those are:

    This is the first time this information has been declared by the City. Don and Michael will continue to talk to the City about this situation and its accuracy.

    Homeowners on Silverwood Court told the trustees that the plantings on their circle had died due to a water main break. Missouri American Water has verified that information and they will replace some of the landscaping.

  8. Don updated the Board on the stormwater drainage behind an address on Country Field. Currently, there is an orange plastic temporary fence placed around the area. The homeowner has been working with Melissa Alan from MSD on the "improved channel" behind her property. MSD says they are having difficulty figuring out how to get large equipment on the property to do the repair. This issue is still open.

  9. During the summer months, construction trailers were parked at 3 locations in the subdivision. Don spoke with the homeowners and 2 of the trailers were removed. The 3rd home has 1-2 trailers parked on the driveway. Meredith will write a letter informing the homeowner of indenture violation, requesting a reply from the homeowner for the trailers removal in 7-10 days. The homeowner will have 30 days to move the trailers to an alternate location.

  10. Kevin was present and informed the Board of website updates.

  11. A new homeowner told the Board that his welcome letter from City & Village arrived with an October 2007 newsletter attached. Don will call City & Village and make sure the newsletter is updated quarterly.

  12. After the October Annual meeting, where the annual assessment amount is approved, a notarized copy of the minutes needs to be sent to City & Village. They need the approved minutes 45 days prior to the mailing date of the next assessment bill for 2010. Meredith will process the October minutes immediately after the October 29th meeting and Scott will have them notarized and sent to City & Village.

  13. Mail pick-up schedule:

  14. The meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm. The next scheduled meeting will be the Annual Meeting held on October 29, 2009, 7:30pm in the Kehrs Mill Elementary Library.