Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
May 21, 2009

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:33pm at Kehrs Mill Elementary School. Present were trustees Don Baird, Scott Eiler, and Meredith McMindes. There were no homeowners attending the meeting.

  2. Scott Eiler presented a detailed financial report to the Board and homeowners (attached). As of 4/30/09, the checking account at City & Village had a balance of $48,411.04. The Bank Midwest money market account had a balance of $65,167.00. Lien documents were received from City & Village, were signed, and Scott authorized moving forward with the liens. Scott discussed trying to collect outstanding assessments (over 2 years outstanding) with Karen Kelly at C&V. Since the subdivision would have to sue to claim these past due assessments, Ms. Kelly suggests we keep filing the liens and not try to sue (as we would not recoup the attorney fees.) Scott also submitted the tax information to Vollmer and Associates for 2008 taxes. He will have a board member review the taxes before submitting them to the IRS.

    Scott mentioned that the Directors & Officers policy, and Liability Policy will come due this summer. He will call and make sure that coverage is complete, updating names, etc., when the bill arrives. He also reported that a bill from Spectrum for past work had been received, and that current bills were paid.

  3. The removal of the work truck parked at a rental home was discussed. Two letters were written to the renter, in both early February and early March and the truck has not been moved. The Board voted (4-0) to send a letter to the homeowner of the property and ask for his help in having the renter move the vehicle.

  4. A Cul-de-sac meeting has been set for May 26, 2009 in the Kehrs Mill Elementary Library at 7:30pm. Don will notify the volunteers on the committee about the meeting.

  5. A discussion about voting via email was held. Meredith felt that it is the only way to reach everyone during the busy summer months. Scott agreed as long as the information is available on the website and does not concern policy making.

  6. Don reported that the website would soon be updated by Kevin Pfarr. Kevin is going to remove the tabs at the top of the page and add a table for ease in navigating the website.

  7. Don discussed the erosion issue at a homeowner on Country Field Drive. Don will call MSD to clarify the situation.

  8. Scott drove the subdivision and took pictures of some properties with maintenance issues. He said to call Derek Redhead at City of Chesterfield (537-4000) if we have issues with tall grass, etc. He showed the trustees a picture of missing siding at a home on Country Ridge Drive. Meredith will write a letter to the homeowner to repair the siding.

  9. Meredith will sign up for building use at Kehrs Mill Elementary for 2009-10. The meeting dates will be:

  10. Mail pick-up schedule: June - Don

  11. The meeting was adjourned at 9:17pm. The next scheduled meeting will be held on September 24, 2009, 7:30pm in the Kehrs Mill Elementary Library.