Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Subdivision Meeting
April 30, 2009

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm at Kehrs Mill Elementary School. Present were trustees Scott Eiler, Meredith McMindes, and Michael Olszewski. Seven homeowners attended the meeting.

  2. Scott Eiler presented a detailed financial report to the Board and homeowners (attached). As of 3/31/09, the checking account at City & Village had a balance of $49,404.84. The Bank Midwest money market account had a balance of $65,103.32. As of this meetings date, there are 27 homeowners who are delinquent on their assessments. Six homeowners are delinquent for 2 years, 1 homeowner for 3 years, and 1 homeowner for over 3 years. Scott suggested that the Board look into collecting the delinquent funds from homeowners over 3 years past due, beyond just filing a lien. His concern is if the homeowner goes into foreclosure, the subdivision is behind the first mortgage holder and would more than likely not receive the money due on past assessments. This will be on the agenda for the May meeting.

    Scott and Don Baird spoke with the subdivision's accountant and an extension was filed for 2008 taxes. There is income for 2008, but it will be offset from a prior loss carryover and no taxes should be owed. Scott will ask for another deferral for reporting the funds for Baxter Road construction.

  3. Common area (parks, circles) mulching was previously approved by a 5-yes, 0-no vote.  Michael Olszewski reported that the circles were being mulched.  Pre-emergent was sprayed and clean-ups scheduled for June and October (weeding, etc.)  The sprinklers were turned on 4/29 and the backflow test submitted.  No repairs to the system were needed.

  4. An Issues Report was received concerning a live tree from the common ground that fell into their pin oak. Michael checked it out and reports that it is an act of nature (the tree was living) and it is the homeowner's responsibility to remove it. Meredith will send a letter to the homeowners.

  5. Meredith McMindes reported that the Cul-de-Sac improvement committee now has 17 of the 19 subdivision circles represented. Homeowners present asked that the first meeting of the committee be held before the next Board meeting (May 21, 2009) so it could be discussed at the May meeting. Meredith agreed that Don would email the volunteers and set a meeting date.

  6. Don asked Meredith to update the Board on the following:
    1. UE PowerON project-new feeder lines were installed from new collector boxes to homes on the west side of Country Field. Landscaping should take place in the next week or two.
    2. UE sent notices that they will be doing checks from collectors to homes in the coming months.
    3. Neighborhood Watch maps were distributed.

  7. Kevin Pfarr (website) submitted a new contract for March 18, 2008-09. He reported that he is working to improve the website navigation, making it easier to move around the site. Michael recommended that we approve the contract; Scott seconded the motion.

  8. An H/PIA application was received to remove a 3 season porch and rebuild a 4 season room. Scott will look at the property.

  9. An H/PIA for a concrete patio install was received. Scott will look at this also.

  10. An Issues Report was received from a homeowner on Country Field Dr. concerning gabion baskets in the creek behind their home. Over a year ago, former trustee Mark Stolzenberg and Michael Olszewski agreed to cut the wire of the baskets and scatter the stones, once Ameren UE rerouted the power from an exposed line in the creek. The homeowner brought a letter from Ameren UE saying that the power had been cut, but they were not going to cut or remove the line. The homeowner will talk to the AmUE representative about having a technician available to test the line at the time the work is to be done. When they know the procedure, they will contact the Board and a date can be scheduled. Meredith will send a letter to the homeowner to confirm.

  11. A homeowner asked if there was a solution to street parking that narrows the driving lane. A discussion was held about the City of Chesterfield laws and the homeowners rights and opinions. She also reported on a bonfire in the common ground behind her home. Michael asked her to call the police if the fire was actually on common ground.

  12. Homeowners present at the meeting asked if there was anything the Board could do about the homes that are in need of repair in the subdivision. He recommended sending letters to the homeowners of those addresses and informing them that they are in violation of the indentures. One homeowner suggested a 30 day notice with photo of violation attached. If the 30 day letter is ignored, send a 2nd letter, saying they would be reported to the City of Chesterfield. Meredith informed the homeowners that letters citing indenture violations had been sent for many years and seemed to work. But homeowners at the annual meeting in 2008 felt that it was not a friendly way of communicating. So these letters have ceased to go out. This will be discussed at the May meeting and a decision will be made as to how to handle this situation.

  13. For the minutes, two issues were taken care of before the meeting:
    1. A homeowner on Parasol Dr. sent a letter requesting low hanging branches be cut on trees in the common ground to allow the mower to mow. Don took care of this issue.
    2. Another homeowner on Parasol Dr. requested that a section of fencing on the common ground be removed. This was scheduled for 2007, but never was done. Michael had Erich Steif remove the fence.

  14. Mail pick-up schedule:
    1. May- Michael
    2. June - Don
    3. July - Scott
    4. Aug - Michael
    5. Sept - Meredith

  15. The meeting was adjourned at 9:17pm. The next scheduled meeting will be held on May 21, 2009, 7:30pm in the Kehrs Mill Elementary Library.