Meadowbrook Farm / Clarkson Estates
Trustee Meeting
September 25, 2008

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:35pm at Kehrs Mill Elementary School. Present were trustees Don Baird, Michael Olszewski, Mark Stoltzenburg, and Meredith McMindes. Also present were homeowners:

    Scott Eiler
    Bob Horcrue
    Bev Stahlberg

  2. Mark opened the meeting by thanking Kevin Pfarr for working so hard to update the website and Pete Stratte for helping inform neighbors when the common ground holes were filled. Mark also thanked homeowner Carie Earnhart for planting mums in front of the Clarkson Estates signs. The Board appreciated all the time and energy spent by these homeowners.

  3. Mark updated the Board on the budget thru 8/31/08. To date, income is $69,058.67 and expenses $46,693.28. Currently in the money market $64,308.91, which doesn't include interest earned in August.

  4. The 2009 Budget was presented to the homeowners. The budget shows a proposed increase in the assessment for 2009 of 11%, or $12.50, bringing the 2009 assessment total to $125. Mark noted that the proposed budget includes anticipated increases in energy related costs and tree removal. Delinquencies have increased (27 in 2008, from 21 in 2007 - average 20), decreasing the actual funds available.

    1. 2007 Expenses = $70,381.65
    2. 2008 anticipated expenses: Current expenses thru July/August 2008 were $5,922 per month.
          $5,922/mo. X 12 months = $71,064
    3. Other like subdivisions in Chesterfield and their yearly assessments:
          Baxter Lakes Addition I $150 (309 homes)
          Baxter Lakes Addition II $155 (153 homes)
          Royalbrook $125 (33 homes)
          Claymont Woods $180 - could double due to retention pond (226 homes)

    The vote on the 2009 budget will take place at the next meeting, October 30. 2008

  5. Michael informed the homeowners of the Board's decision to have security coverage at the next few meetings. This is due to a homeowner making threatening gestures toward a trustee and spouse. A Chesterfield police officer will attend the meetings to provide security for the homeowners attending and the Board.

  6. Michael reported on the partial filling of holes in the common ground behind Meadowbrook Way. Homeowner Pete Stratte spoke with all the neighbors, informing them of the work to be done. Over 100 cubic yards of dirt was used. Not all holes were filled, as they would affect the water flow in the common ground. Michael spoke with Mr. Stratte, who said that the neighbors backing up to this common ground were pleased with the work done.

    Michael also reported that the sprinkler systems in the parks would be winterized on 9/26. He received a bid for $675 from Steiff Landscaping to trim the trees and do maintenance on 11 circles. This has not been done for 2 years; the Board agreed to this bid.

    Two trees-one on Isleview and one on Country Field will be taken down by Metropolitan Forestry for $2,025.

  7. Meredith recapped the letters sent in the last month. The indenture violations have been corrected.

  8. Don reported that he is still trying to get a group of homeowners to evaluate and prioritize landscaping the subdivision cul-de-sacs. At this time, 6 people have volunteered to help.

  9. The subdivision Fall Newsletter is set to mail 10/1/08. Don has received no response from homeowners to his request for Neighborhood Watch volunteers. Homeowner Scott Eiler volunteered to attend a meeting with the Chesterfield Police Department liaison. Don also reported that the business card advertisements in the newsletter are working out well to help with mailing costs of the newsletter.

  10. A letter was received from homeowner JoAnn Noelker, asking if a childrens softball team could use the common ground for practice. Don will call the insurance company and find out the subdivision's liability. He will also contact the homeowner to further define the intended use-organized or casual.

  11. Homeowner Scott Eiler reminded the Board that the trustee election is voted on first at the annual meeting, followed by the annual assessment.

  12. A discussion on the subdivision's tree removal policy was held and it was decided to include the policy on the website. Don will use wording from the attorney and letters sent to inquiring homeowners.

  13. Mail pick-up schedule:
         Oct- Meredith
         Nov- Michael
         Dec- Michele
         Jan- Don

  14. The meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm. The next scheduled meeting will be the Annual Meeting held on October 30, 2008 in the Kehrs Mill Elementary Library.