Meeting Notes,
February 22, 2007
1. The meeting was called to order at 7:37 PM at Kehrs Mill Elementary School. Present were trustees Meredith McMindes, Mark Stolzenberg, Linda Walp and Michele Withers. Also present was one of the neighborhood's homeowners.
2. The homeowner came to the meeting in response to a letter they received from Mark Dunn, concerning the outbuilding in the yard by his/her driveway. The homeowner offered to submit an HIA to connect the outbuilding (used for swimming pool supplies) to the garage. The Board discussed options, and the homeowner will get an HIA and plans to the Board.
3. Linda gave the Board a financial update. Linda notified the Board that water costs have risen due to customer charges, infrastructure surcharge, service line fees, etc. Even though the subdivision used no water at the parks during the winter months, the increase in fixed charges were billed.

A discussion was held concerning legal fees incurred due to homeowner negligence. It was agreed that this cost is to be passed onto the homeowner. If an infraction occurs, a letter from the Board is to be sent giving the homeowner 14 days to respond or to remedy the situation. If a second letter must be mailed, it will state that the homeowner has seven days to remedy the situation or we refer the issue to our attorney and the homeowner will incur all fees. These fees usually require a minimum of one hour of the attorney’s time.

5. Mark gave the Board an update on the current standing of the Baxter Road Project advising the Board that Mark Dunn, from Dunn and Miller P.C., was scheduled later in the meeting to provide a complete update.
6. Letters were received concerning storm damage from 2 homeowners—Michael will have to give his report on these homes from his subdivision walk through. Previously reported damage was surveyed by Michael and Mark. Trees from the common grounds will be cut up and put into the woods (Poscover). No letters are needed.

An HIA was received from a homeowner for a large addition to the back of their home. Mark will talk to the homeowner and begin by getting a survey.


Meredith asked for input from the Board on what issues should be covered in the spring newsletter.

9. Linda will pick up mail for the month of March, Michael in April, and Mark in May.

Mark Dunn (the attorney representing the Subdivision regarding the Baxter Road Project – Meadowbrook Farms v. St. Louis County) joined the meeting at approximately 9:30pm. The reason for his attendance was to update Board members as to the current status of the Baxter Road project. He told the Board of Trustees that all assurances that he had previously negotiated with the County, including the reimbursement of all attorney fees paid by the Subdivision, were now null and void. He further stated that he had been lied to by the County Counselors Office and by County personnel. He offered the following advice to the Board:

Let the condemnation continue and hire an attorney familiar with condemnation proceedings show that the amount the county offered to us was too low and sue for a much higher settlement. However, all assurances that the Board had previously negotiated would be null and void.

To accept settlement as it was presented - for the sum previously negotiated - and accept all assurances currently offered by the County.

To file a motion to force settlement of the agreement that included the payment of all attorney fees. Current assurance would be voided and actual settlement would be up to the judge hearing the case. He cautioned the Board that this would be the riskiest - and least likely option - to choose.

11. The meeting was adjourned at approx. 10:30pm. The next scheduled meeting will be on Thursday, April 26, 2007 at Kehrs Mill Elementary School at 7:30pm in the library.