Meeting Notes,
April 27, 2006
1. The meeting was called to order at 7:35pm at Kehrs Mill Elementary School. Present were trustees: Meredith McMindes, Michael Olszewski, Mark Stolzenburg and Linda Walp.
2. Finances: Linda reported that the taxes were found to be incorrect before filing and an extension was filed. The tax accountant will re-do the taxes and give to Linda before filing.
3. Mark updated the Board on the Baxter Road project. In speaking with our lawyer Mark Dunn, the county doesn’t have the funding and the project has been put on hold until at least 2008. Mark has instructed Dunn & Miller to do no more work on this matter. Michael will talk to Dan Hurt about the expenses the subdivision has incurred (approx. $25,000) from this project and the status of the project.

Mark also reported on his conversation with Dunn & Miller concerning the subdivision’s role in erosion matters. Mark will speak with the homeowners at XXXX Baxter Road. Mark and Meredith will write a response to follow up his conversation with the homeowners.

5. A letter was received from the homeowners at XXXXX Golden Rain concerning erosion in their yard. They had a response from the Board in 2001 saying that the erosion was caused by runoff from neighboring property. Mark will call them.
6. A letter was received from the homeowners at XXXXX Golden Rain, complaining about erosion behind the property, citing the Stormwater Channel Stabilization project as a sign that work is being done on erosion in the neighborhood. Mark will call them.
7. A letter was received from homeowners on Fairway Bend asking permission to possibly hold a party on the common ground behind their property. They have agreed to return the common ground to its original grass and terrain. Meredith will write a letter of positive response.
8. A copy of a letter from homeowners on Country Field Court and Drive concerning the condition of a neighboring home (XXXX Country Field Drive) was received. The homeowners sent the letter to Tom Pupillo, in the city of Chesterfield’s Dept. of Planning. Meredith will write a response.
9. Michael informed the Board of a business vehicle (commercial van) parked on the driveway at XXXX Country Field Drive. As this is against the indentures, Meredith will notify the homeowners of this violation.
10. A letter was received from XXXX Long Gate concerning a tree down. Michael had Erich Steiff cut the tree; there is no need for a written response.
11. Michael got bids on mulching from both Spectrum and Steif Landscaping. The Board agreed to stay with Steif’s. Michael will call and have him lay mulch between 5/15 – 5/30. Michael also reported that the sprinklers in the parks were up and running.
12. Meredith will work on a newsletter for May.
13. Meredith will begin sending the condensed minutes to the website. She will also apply for 06-07 meeting dates at Kehrs Mill Elementary.

Mail schedule:

June-- Linda
July-- Michael

15. Meeting was adjourned 8:50. The next scheduled meeting will be in September.