Meeting Notes
January 26, 2006

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:10pm at Kehrs Mill Elementary School. Present were trustees: Meredith McMindes, Mark Stolzenburg and Linda Walp.
2. Linda presented the finances to the Board and brought up the issue of increasing the annual assessment amount for next year to offset increased costs. Mark suggested that we include this discussion in the spring newsletter, so homeowners will be prepared in case we need to increase the assessment for 2007. It was also discussed that the Board needs to have an in-depth discussion on finances. This will be planned for the February meeting.
3. In planning for 2006, it was decided that the Board needed better record keeping and accountability. All Home Improvement Applications will be given to Mark, all homeowner letters to Meredith, all financials/bills to Linda, and all tree/grounds issues to Michael. Each trustee will keep a copy of each issue; duplicate copies are not needed. Eventually these copies will go into the subdivision’s files.

Linda will research methods of transferring the original subdivision plat drawings to computer disk. She will also update the website and instruct Meredith on updating the meeting minutes on the website.

5. In 2005, Linda created a “hit list” of all items that the subdivision gets complaints on and this list was intended to be used to compile a list of Indenture Rules for homeowners. This list was passed on to the lawyer, but was put aside due to the hours needed for the Baxter Road project case. Linda will send a copy of this list to Mark and it will be discussed again in February.
6. Meredith will let Michael know to OK spring clean-up in the circles and parks. Linda will sign the contract with Spectrum.
7. Meredith brought up an old letter that was not answered. She will give the letter to Michael to see if the issues are still valid.

Mark dealt with a complaint concerning a trailer in a yard on Country Ridge. Mark visited the address and didn’t see any trailer. He spoke with the homeowner and no letter is required.


Mark presented a new form for complaints to the Board. The form asks the homeowner making the complaint to explain how they have tried to solve the issue, and has space for documenting how the letter is handled by the Board. The idea is to handle most complaints in the same manner and to include a more lengthy documentation for the Board’s records. Suggestions were made for the document and Mark will send a revised sample to the Board for their comments.

Mark also presented a “mission statement” for the Board’s approval. It was discussed that this could be included with the Welcome letter, attached to the spring newsletter and be on the website.


Mail pick-up schedule:

Linda-- February
Michael-- March
Mark-- April
Meredith-- May

11. Meredith will update the Welcome letter to include information about the website and the documents
that are available online.
12. The meeting was adjourned at 9:45pm. The next meeting will be on February 23, 2006, 7:30pm at Kehrs Mill Elementary School.