Meeting Notes
September 29 , 2005

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:34 PM at Kehrs Mill Elementary School. Present were trustees: Tim Bailey, Meredith McMindes, Michael Olszewski and Linda Walp.
2. Linda went over the finances. Budget overages occurred in Legal (due to Baxter Road Project) and Landscape Maintenance (the asphalt path from Silverwood to the park at Parasol and Country Ridge was resurfaced). Trustees discussed the proposed budget and it was decided to leave the annual assessment for 2006 at the current rate of $112.50. The trustees raised the budget for legal services, insurance, energy costs, tree removal and added the cost for maintaining the website. The amount budgeted for erosion control was decreased. Income in 2006 will fall short of expenditures however; it was decided not to increase the assessment because of the income from Baxter Road property when it eventually pays out. Linda will prepare a budget and it will be included in the mailing to the homeowners to announce October’s annual meeting.
3. Tim gave an update concerning the Baxter Road project. In short, Mr. Dunn is waiting to hear from St. Louis County’s attorney.
4. Meredith discussed the upcoming newsletter contents and the annual meeting announcement. The mailing will be 2 pages, the first page the announcement of the agenda, and the back of the page with the 2006 proposed budget. The 2nd page is to be the newsletter. This will be emailed to City & Village for mailing by the end of the week.
5. The subdivision website is up and running. Its address is: Meredith ordered signs and she and Linda put them at the subdivision entrances and park.
6. Letters concerning indenture violations were discussed and action taken.
7. Reimbursement for landscaping the circle on Courtleigh Lane was approved.
8. The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 pm. The next meeting will be the annual meeting on Thursday, October 27, 2005 at Kehrs Mill Elementary School at 7:30pm in the library.