May 23, 2005
Meeting Notes

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM at Kehrs Mill Elementary School. All board members and 8 homeowners were present.

Financial items discussed.

Board informed of blasting that will take place at Meadowbrook Villas. Project will be followed closely for possible impact on homeowners.

Last newsletter was discussed, homeowner questions and concerns expressed. Parking along streets rather than in driveway or garage emerged as homeowner concern. It not only detracts from the neighborhood but also presents hazards. Parasol, between Meadowbrook Way and Rosegate Lane, was noted as a particular problem due to the number and size of vehicles coupled with poor visibility due to the hill and the curve.

Home improvement applications were considered, results sent to homeowners.

Homeowner present requested landscape alteration on the Courtleigh Lane cul-de sac. Request was discussed and granted.

Report on storm water channel project. Two homeowners attending lodged complaints about damage that occurred during the project.

Approval of Bids:
Laying asphalt path off Silverwood Lane to park at Parasol Drive and Country Ridge.

Painting all entrance signs.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM. Next scheduled meeting in September. Date is subject to
approval by school.