Chesterfield, Missouri

What's Inside

2019/2020 Board of Trustees
K. Abraham - Expires: 10/2020
S. Eiler - Expires: 10/2020
K. Pfarr - Expires: 10/2022
B. Thanner - Expires: 10/2022
T. Thrasher - Expires: 10/2021

Emergency Contact Information
A condition that may or has caused physical harm to people or their home is an emergency. An emergency is usually the result of storm damage to trees in the common ground.

If a homeowner cannot reach a Trustee directly, they should contact City & Village Tax Office at (314) 739-4800.

How Can I Contact the Board of Trustees?
For simple questions, queries or to reach a trustee, send an email to For an official or more complex query, fill out an Issues Report. This assures a formal review of the issue will be performed and provides an accurate timeline, etc.

The requests will be considered at the regularly scheduled board meeting and the board will respond in writing to each request.

You may send requests to:

Meadowbrook Farm/Clarkson Estates
Board of Trustees
PO Box 6781
Chesterfield, MO 63006-6781

Who is the Subdivision Management Company?
For questions regarding real estate transfers, annual assessments, liens, etc., contact our subdivision management company:

City & Village Tax Office
#3 Hollenberg Court
Bridgeton, MO 63044
(314) 739-4800
(314) 739-3098 - Fax

How do I Handle a Street Light Problem?
Contact Ameren UE directly at (314) 342-1000. They will need the pole number and location. The pole number can be seen at the top of the pole immediately beneath the light fixture. Example: The pole located at the intersection of Parasol Drive and Rosegate Lane is Z5-8546.

Are there more questions you would like to see answered here?
Please let us know by contacting one of the Trustees today.